Having A Sense Of Fashion In This Modern Era

People started to dress in the Stone Age where they used leaves to cover themselves. After thousands of years, clothes still fulfill the same objective, however it has evolved quite far as to the objective. Now fashion is a buzz word and it changes by the day and week.


Terminology is used to identify individual clothing items and groups or classes of clothing. Traders use various words and phrases for this; in the real world out there we say “corporate casual”, “smart casual” and so on. Terminology is based on many things, for example there are basic garment classes, such as shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, underwear etc. Then it could be classified according to length, such as mjni skirt, short pants, full length skirt, maxi dress etc. Sleeves and collars have their own classification, for e.g. maggi sleeve and Peter Pan collar. One could say that additions to a garment makes then different too, like zippers and layers. Retailers differentiate clothing by sizes as we all know, such as small, medium and large. Now there are new fashions and they could be easily bought in the web such as urban clothing and street wear online. Material and colour also can be a distinguishing factor.

 Influence of clothing

It is no secret that today, clothing “says something about you”. Although it cannot be applied to everyone, most people look at others and decide something about them. For example, designer brands are quite popular now. However not everyone can buy them. If you are rich, you can afford to purchase these expensive items; you might be known as a “Gucci lady”. Likewise people use fashion and clothing to decide on a person’s social standing. This is not only limited to clothes but also to what you accessorize it with. Similar to pants and shirts, watches, bags and jewelry are now a huge business where certain brand names are considered to be “upmarket”. Truly, a bag costing fifteen thousand dollars is something a few people can afford. How prudent that is, though, is open to argument.

 Trends in buying

 Depending on what you buy, where you buy also can change. If you are content with an “Urban” look, a streetwear shop Auckland can provide you with baggy pants, t shirts and an outer shirt. You could also find shoes togo with it easily. As anywhere in the world, your clothes will make a statement. If the statement you want to make is “please do not stare”, you must go for neutral clothes and colours. However it is important to dress according to the venue or occasion you are going to. Office wear and party wear is a whole other ball game. Browse this website to find out more details.

 In this modern era it is as easy to get lost in buying the right clothes as to get started in the wrong foot. If someone forms a wrong first impression by seeing you initially dressing up later might not work to make it right.